Federal Warrants issued for fourteen Governors!

Monday, May 11, 2015
State forces against Federal forces?
Americans against Americans=Civil war brewing?
Things are quiet on the news media to hold control of all those that like to hear all that makes them feel good. Sorry sheep, your going to need to awaken a lot sooner than I had thought. It appears that the Black House has issued warrants of arrest for 14 state governors. These are Federal warrants of arrest and will take those states federal agents (F.B.I) forces to arrest each Governor that are protected by State Police. What will the out come be? There is to be no gun play so stated, but kidnapping is a sure fire thing for the fed’s of arresting these governors. I am sure there well protected, but also means police forces also taking on their own as well. Going to be interesting and time for real American’s that are fed up to side with who is right.
May the God we trust be forth coming to take America back from the Thugs of Satan!
News you should know by now!
Obama fearing a revolution against him by the states, has moved swiftly by nationalizing nearly all National Guard Forces in multiple states; Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, South Carolina – to name a few. The Governors of the Great States of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia still have under their Command-and-Control the State Defense Forces to go against U.S. Federal forces should the need arise. Also important to note: There are NO U.S. laws prohibiting National Guard troops from also joining their State’s Defense Forces. This dilemma occurred during the Civil War with many “citizen soldiers” choosing to serve their states instead of the Federal Government.
This is a fluid and still developing situation that warrants close attention.

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