Love of country, where has it gone.


They call this a silly god? Idiots!

‎Monday, ‎May ‎11, ‎2015
How to Take America Back!
Congress will do nothing more or less than what it takes to get re-elected. That is the essence of democracy, and it’s greatest fault.
And congress knows we are not paying attention since we are either scrambling for a job or fighting to keep one if we are lucky to still have one.
This started way before the recession.

I think it’s a combination of several things coming together:

1. 24 hour news turned “news” into entertainment and a quest for ratings instead of informing the public.

2. Growing inequality makes it in the interest of the riches Americans and corporations to spend more and more money to protect their wealth.

3. Political science has gotten very very good over the last few decades, and is trumping the common good when they are in conflict.
No one really cares and that is the problem and reason of failure!
Cut all funding for military intervention in foreign countries, we cannot continue being the world’s bully. It cost to much, lives and money we don’t have.
Cut all food assistance, people in this country need to re-store their dignity and work for what they get no more free lunch. WIC and Medicaid should be tie to an education program to cut this cost to tax payers.
Defund Obama care this is a republican type of government not a socialist.
Tax all products that are manufacture in foreign countries. Free trade is a farce.Free trade is legislation for the exploitation of the world human and natural resources for the benefit of the multinational corporations, they got rich at the expenses of the working people of the world.
Get Americans working and healthy by implementing a two year military and social service to America. All Americans must contribute to the country’s, social or military service this is a must; and will cut cost on many government services done by civilians at the present time.
Cut all waste by implementing a zero-based budge system. Start by allocating expenses on the need to have VS we want to have.
Billions of Dollars are wasted every year and this must stop, we cannot continue expending what we don’t have.
Cut Obama’s vacations and travel to foreign countries and have him meet foreign head of states in Washington.
Like I stated, all anyone cares about is working if they have a job that even pays anything to survive on. Just too bad that even Lone Wolves are now hibernating. Maybe after a few more weather disasters or even 911’s then just maybe people will awaken and demand control and not what do I get from others for nothing…


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