The chart below shows the dangers levels of high radiation as well as what is considered “normal


‎Wednesday, ‎May ‎20, ‎2015
Something Bad Is Happening In California – The Government Is Hiding It!
Jerry Brown or as I call him”Something that should be flushed away! But, no you younger generation took him back again…Sorry state to live in is a real fact today! But, your also going to die a lot younger than my age even today of 68!
Here is a chart that may awaken many of you and a few years just may be added on if your reading this and packing up to leave today@! Just my opinion as also a native born California, but also know the hazards that State has now become for human as well as animal life. Don’t eat anything from the Ocean would be a very good start! Don’t play in the rain above all! Just my opinion, but who listens anyway?
Something very bad is happening in California and with everything else going on in the world today, everybody seems to be ignoring it.
The chart below shows the dangers levels of high radiation as well as what is considered “normal,” so readers can understand exactly how over-the-top a 625 CPM reading actually is.
On October 10, 2014, Mid America Land Restoration / Microbes / Probiotics reported, with a screenshot proving their assertion, that San Diego once again were showing massively elevated radiation readings, this time showing 625 CPM (counts per minute).
My sources and followed for years!
Rocketdyne Simi Valley California report proposing a ‘greenwash’ for clean up. I would say it is about time since the meltdown happened in 1959. Even an image of the melted fuel rods included. So folks even a small reactor accident is very long lasting.
I understand that corporate farms in California are using desalinated sea water to irrigate their crops. It occurs to me that desalination would not remove radioactive particles from the water. Since by all accounts, the Pacific is heavily contaminated with radiation, wouldn’t irrigating with sea water cause radioactive particles to be taken up into the crops by osmosis? If so that would make desalination a very bad policy, IMHO, too. Peace
Jet streams and ocean currents … toxins travel the world.

Guess who is effected the most?

Now, Get the Rad Word Out, Folks!

Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out.
Or leave randomly, where ever you please. Distribute liberally.
Post to all social media. Side 2 stands alone with links

Other easy resources and getting up to speed
(The combat rads forum is also full of remediation protocols)

While Y’All print and snip, Dana’s Fuku voyage continues in B.C.
So very sick of the figures forever creeping up and up. In what appears to be almost in direct correlation to the ever upwardly creeping figures of ‘safe’ levels.
Perhaps all of the world media missed the lecture proving there is NO safe level.
Only incremental increase to the degree of danger posed…..
How did we get to this point? A little history can be helpful:
“Nuclear weapons plants in the US began operating in 1943, and power plants first started in 1957. From the outset, the fission process generated huge amounts of highly radioactive waste, regardless if the reactor was used to make nuclear weapons or generate electricity. Even before reactors started, scientists knew this waste would be produced, but no plan for maintaining waste was made.(Still the case today) At first, such a plan was seen as an obstacle to the breakneck pace of creating nuclear weapons for WWII and for the cold war arms race. Atomic bombs were needed as fast as possible to ensure national security, and the lack of a plan for radioactive waste, while a problem would not be allowed to stand in the way of this goal.” Mad Science 2012
All resulting from a collapse of the human spirit in favor of collections of corporations that dole out blood money in order to influence legislation/regulations that continue to ensure profits at the expense of everything else. Yes, EVERYTHING!

A poster here had noted the increase of violence in crime and that of the police/security people/domestic groups seemed to correlate to the beginning of the nuclear tests. Why might this be?

Citizens realized, with immense frustration, the loss of their personal sovereignty and the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones as the banker/corporatist/politico partnership created recipients of taxpayer money in perpetuity.
The conspiracy behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming myth (aka AGW; aka ManBearPig) has been suddenly, brutally and quite deliciously exposed after a hacker broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka CRU) and released 61 megabytes of confidential files onto the internet. (Hat tip: Watts Up With That)
Nuclear Energy As A Direct Cause Of Global Warming, Acid Rain, Acid Oceans And Super Storms; via @AGreenRoad
People just don’t seem to realize the extent of the problems we have with nuclear waste. How about a small thought experiment? Let us assume for the sake of argument, the huge Yucca Mountain repository is open for storage as of today. Given the enormous amount of nuclear waste on site at various NPPs within the US, it would take 20 years to safely move all of that waste into Yucca and Yucca would be full to the brim. Meanwhile a second Yucca Mountain would be needed to accommodate the waste generated during the filling of the first Yucca. This chain of Yuccas must never end as long as we keep creating these deadly materials. So, what do we have today to resolve these problems? – nothing, nada, zilch, 0 Yuccas. But, that doesn’t stop us from making this crap. Global mass insanity and I cannot disagree. With that I only pass on my findings when the United States is coming into some false bull shit news that things like global warming is from cows farting or whatever else false news are told to put out to all you sheep!
As I stated, I seen the housing fall coming/. Sold and ran like hell. No longer any place to run, just away from the Oceans would be a good start! But, I lived to my age, no one else will only because they listen to all the untruths daily fed to you daily!
Take the chart as you wish, look up all the findings yourself then kiss your ass good bye as the end will come sooner than mine ever will! Wish to prolong it then by all means start doing so TODAY!
Maybe just maybe your e-mails to me will get into my insane rants but most go to the trash or even scam buckets. All I am here for is send the truths and your going to believe whatever you wish. But, at lease I tried!



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