Dooms Day? Look how foolish all of you look!


‎Monday, ‎May ‎25, ‎2015
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Is the world on the brink of disaster? Are we facing the end of civilization? A new Dark Ages? It’s easy to chuckle and shrug off the conspiracy theorists and the cartoon beatniks waving “The End is Near” placards. But is something long-foretold about to happen?
“On the Brink of Chaos” warns a headline. The article is ominous, cautioning of “a signal of worse to come,” proclaiming“The risks … are real,” and forecasting “Chaos and a complete loss of control have never been nearer in the Middle East.” But wait, that article was published on December 3, 2001. So, the urgent warning wasn’t exactly timely.
Is doomsday upon us?
At the United Nations, the “Peace Bell” was cast from melted down coins collected from U.N. delegates by children, following the 13th General Conference of the U.N. held in Paris in 1951. The Cold War was just beginning. The world was living on a knife-edge and many firmly believed that a four-minute air-raid warning was all they would receive before falling atomic bombs nuked civilization into oblivion.
The West Stares into the Abyss,” proclaims an article from Germany’s Der Spiegel, warning that yet another country “is on the brink of chaos: That is the stark message from local leaders, the U.S. military and development workers in the troubled country. The elected government, they warn, can no longer …” However, the dateline is March 20, 2009. The world has managed to continue on – somehow.
A very popular website “Now the End Begins,” constantly shows up on lists of today’s trending topics. Headlines include: “Millions Of Birds and Fish Dying Suddenly and Spontaneously,” “Tens of Thousands of Angry Muslims,” “Obama Abandons Israel,” “Mitt Romney Set to Endorse a Palestinian State,” “A prophetic overview of what must shortly come to pass,” and “The Coming Destruction of the United States Military.”
Since 1947, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago has maintained the “Doomsday Clock.” The closer the clock is to midnight, the closer the world is estimated to be to global disaster. On January 10, 2012, the hands on the clock were advanced to five minutes to midnight reflecting international events seen as dangerous to humankind. So, how close are we?
The collapse of civilization is the topic of the novel Brink of Chaos from New York Times bestselling author Tim LaHaye of the Left Behind series. Brink of Chaos is the third book of his new The End series, co-authored with Craig Parshall. It tells the fictional story of rocket scientist Joshua Jordan who is stuck in Israel on a self-imposed “exile” out of reach of corrupt U.S. authorities falsely accusing him of treason.
In the novel, Israel is in the midst of burying millions of enemy soldiers killed in a Russian nuclear attack. Back in the U.S., a U.S. president has been stricken by a deadly medical condition and, disabled, he has been succeeded by his Vice-President. But worse than his health crisis, is the realization that he has been viciously betrayed by those closest to him. Yet his final days in the Oval Office have not been for naught. They have brought him into an encounter with Jesus Christ, and that encounter will have ramifications beyond anything he could have imagined.
In LaHaye’s novel, the question looms: How should patriotic Christians should respond if the political culture starts crumbling around them? In this futuristic view of a disintegrating America, the government has begun a nationwide system of citizen surveillance and patriots are labeled enemies of the state
LaHaye asks whether we are facing a day when Christians will have to take seriously the prophetic statements in the Bible? LaHaye seems to believe we will reach a point where the signs of the times will be too obvious to ignore. Brink of Chaos gives a fictional glimpse of this bestselling author’s creative vision of the future. But it asks the question that seems to be nagging the world these days:


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