Has your family pet been murdered by a bad badge wearer?


‎Monday, ‎May ‎25, ‎2015
Be on alert for cops killing man’s best friend!
I’m not in law enforcement nor in the mental health field, but I see a link between police that shoot dogs who are just wagging their tails, and the long-recognized fact that people who torture and kill animals are potential serial killers. There might even be a tiny seed of that behavior in all of us humans, but the vast majority don’t give in to it. The child who takes delight in dismembering a live mouse, or pouring lighter fluid on an ant mound to see them run around in the flames; a pet owner who ties their dogs to a stake with an eighteen-inch piece of chain, a teenager who gets a sexual thrill from cutting the tail off a cat…AND, a police officer who can stand flatfooted (so to speak) and shoot a sleeping dog…these are all serial killers who have not yet succumbed to the ultimate thrill…killing a human being.
Keep an eye on dog-killing cops, people!
Dogs are victims when shot for no other reason than because the officer feels threatened even if the dog is in his owner’s property……duh. This is wrong especially when there are sooooo many criminals running around. Why not go after them and leave pets alone……. Paws up, don’t shoot!!
And the cops wonder why citizens are murdering cops. Assassinating cops while they sit in their cruisers. Not all cops are corrupt, but all cops think they have authority that shields them from responsibility.
A cop kIlling a citizens dogs should carry the same penalties as a
citizen shooting a police dog. It should be an affirmative defense to
prosecution when a cop gets shot for murdering a family pet.
Cops that murdered dogs
The first nationwide database tracking police shootings of animals.
Dogs that Cops Killed.
Are police too quick on the draw against dogs?
With pet lovers howling, bill awaiting Quinn’s signature would require officers be trained in nonlethal methods of canine control…


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