This old video was found and I had to comment on it…. Shoot a cop? A bad badge wearer? THINK!

‎Wednesday, ‎May ‎27, ‎2015
You have the right to resist government gangs with Badges!

When evil is evil then become a criminal of the law.
When a Law Enforcement Officer thinks he is doing his job but is mistaken about a law he is in the wrong…
Simple example in Arkansas: “Its illegal to video me!”
The officer is wrong…..he takes your camera…..Legally he just committed “Aggravated Robbery”…..Even if by chance he really believes he is correct….But he is not……
At that point in time where he took your property illegally, he just forfeited his LEO status and became a , by legal definition, a “Domestic Terrorist”…….
At this point , if you were to try to get your property back with force, you would be , at minimum, “Arrested”……at worst, “Murdered”
If a citizen were to draw a weapon and shoot the thief, in fact the citizen would not be shooting a COP, but shooting a criminal…..
So in fact a COP who breaks the law, would not be a COP at the point of execution …
What some anarchists call “tyranny” the rest of us call “law and order.” The average citizen is not qualified to determine what actions are justified by police as they have no knowledge of the actual laws. So to say the citizen now has the right to use force against the police is just moronic and frankly why people are ending up dead. We have a system in place to deal with injustices that do happen. Lawsuits, citizen complaints and even criminal charges are the recourse that should be sought out by those citizens who have been wrongfully treated by the police. The vast majority of the time a person is arrested they feel it is wrongfully so only to find out later that the law was actually broken. Imagine a world where they are allowed to use violence to resist an arrest….anarchy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to live in a world where I cant walk up to a cop and flip him off if I want to, but some of you guys go to the opposite extreme. Use common sense.



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