American sheep do you have an exit plan for when this country falls? History 101 movie!

‎Friday, ‎May ‎29, ‎2015
Here’s a 101 history lesson of how this world’s civilization in politics functions and it was as is now corrupt to the core, this documentary explains it all , nothing is sacred except those who worship money and power the elitists the one percent listen carefully to this documentary and see how the Shadow government got started and see why your corrupt politician’s and government of the United States creates conflict and war’s as did Europe in it’s day, and how much these sociopaths and psychopaths lie about everything nothing stands in their way Americans have been duped and we are all the pawns in their game WAKE UP AMERICA YOUR own government is LYING to YOU! But, even with this information that could be used as a great four in half hour movie. I suggest that you past this on to everyone that wants to know the truth as to why America is living as it is.

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