Never think KARMA does’t come around and hit you in the ass!

1                                                             ‎Saturday, ‎May ‎30, ‎2015
Be careful as KARMA does work!
Has taken a full year plus one month to come complete circle to pay back, get even, make things right, set right from wrong. However many of you put it, never fight someone thta believes in KARMA, especially older people like me. Always able to make other’s believe because your a great actor or so use to lying all your life that others will always trust you only because your FAMILY. Sorry, even FAMILIES are wrong most of the time and sticking together because your FAMILY is wrong, even if you know or don’t know it. If someone else states the truth and you don’t wish to see it because of the player’s a good actor then that means your just as wrong. Lucky for the rest of Darrell’s family that I don’t wish or think others should be attacked as I was because of my belief in KARMA. Just remember as I stated years ago to all of you in open blogs on this world wide web that KARMA will one day come around if you do a wrong. Trouble is mine normally comes back ten times worth than the one time it comes at me. Something that I have always lived by since my days serving this country. Something that many have lived by day by day and even month by month and here even year and one month later the KARMA comes back to pay. After all we prefer to wait and hear really just the truth more than see KARMA come back around. Trouble is FAMILY are like friends and even evil doer’s just don’t understand how we use to be just as young and cana’t really fight back as we were taught all the time. But, we have Karma and we do keep it alive until it has come full circle. Mr. Christy did his deed, making the one person that did trust in him lose that trust and waited all this time and still alive to see the close finally come. Many people ask will it be really as bad since he’s on his way back to face his bad deeds? Be honest, I have no feelings one way or the other. After all just the time in Yuba really sanctified me. Trouble is Mr. D hurt so many other’s and those lives may not feel the same as I do. After all I have seen more than the majority of most people my age. So forgiveness is easy for us old fools after we cool off. But, KARMA is what is in action and I live by that rule so it’s no longer in my hand. Now, it’s whatever KARMA feels is right, as I could never make a good judge because of the closeness! Probably why no judge ever takes on his own family judgement s and let’s other do what is right after all family may not get what is deserved by someone else being the judge over a family member. Good thing “ANT” with the apology in delivering the news.



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