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Having a fight over money, love, cheating and want to jail that person you use to love?

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‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎15, ‎2015
Being arrested without probable cause, Can you resist?
NO!, You can not. It is also unwise to do so, since the police officer might feel the need to engage in physical action to assert his authority to arrest you.
If the police officer is in the wrong, the time to deal with it is with the help of a lawyer later on. Not when the officer is trying to arrest you. I must impress upon you how important this is. Not only can you be charged with a crime simply for resisting arrest, but you could end up being seriously injured. If you touch the police officer during your efforts to resist the arrest, then you can be (and probably will be) charged with assault.
I have been arrested without legal cause a few times, but never have resisted, even when I knew I could beat that bad badge wearer’s ass. Yes, I sure wanted to. After all no one likes to have their rights violated especially on their own property. But, even in public places you need to have a lot of self control over a bad badge wearer! Takes months at times to get into a court of so called law of society, but it’s always worth it. Because the officer that knows he did wrong is going to be exposed as a bad police officer or sheriff’s deputy whichever one that they may be. Many peace or serve and Protect bad badge wearer’s know that the majority of citizens will pay the fines than go to trial. But, those of us that are dead set living in society as a free person will fight for that right every time even at the cost of lost wages to show that bad badge wearer does exist.
Remember even touching not only a badge wearer, but also anyone else is called an assault. Never ever touch anyone as you can be arrested for assault. Doesn’t mean a fight or anything really violent just a finger touch on someone else on their body is called an assault. Battery is really showing bruises and or blood. Being drunk and falling against someone is and assault! Always remember this for your own protection. Most victims have no idea that a finger hitting against your chest or fore head is a jailable offense normally released with a citation to appear in a court of so called law. When you report someone that person has no idea they committed a crime and will tell the arresting badge wearer that yes I did touch that person with my finger to make a point. Just that alone shows the badge wearer, that you committed a crime. Of course like most crimes, the only person that wins is the system, not you the citizen. As the courts get the court charges, and the fines, and you end up paying your hard earned income to a system set up to steal as much as they can whenever they can.
Just like so called lover’s or even married couples. They get into a fight and call the cop’s on one another. They both get arrested and who wins? The system! You have not only court costs and fines, but also may be given anger management or marriage help in short fee’s to pay to others that think they know what their talking about. It’s all for the money this system verss you in society. Same your money and just walk away and start over on your own if can’t get a long. Think you foolish sheep thinking these gangs with badges are here to help. There just another corporation making money anyway that they can!
Drug War’s? There is no drug war with people wanting to harm themselves like smoking daily or drinking coffee (caffeine). It’s a war against citizens to stay out of the dealing of the drugs that these bad badge wearer’s make a lot of money from. There going to arrest you if caught using even for yourself. These bad badge wearer’s are gangs only hired by your local city, towns and states to keep control over their money making machines. Sheep of America when the hell are you going to awaken to this fact?

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‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎08, ‎2015
How many will convict after reading in the news?
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sometimes you run into bad cops, sometimes you run into a cop who’s having a bad day, and sometimes you run into cops with problems they can’t leave at home.

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‎Monday, ‎September ‎07, ‎2015

There are a lot of people out there who hate cops.
“So what else is new?” I hear you ask.
(Cops among the readership are probably just rolling their eyes.)
Of course there are people who hate cops. There are whole sectors of society that dislike and distrust cops. I’m talkng about middle and upper-class white people who hate cops.
I’m talking about respectable members of society with no criminal records, no contact with police beyond getting a traffic ticket, and no contact with the kind of people who engage in criminal enterprises and accept arrest and imprisonment as a business expense.
I am not talking about people who recognize and speak out against corruption and abuse of power by individual cops and broken agencies.

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Any honest cop know there are such, though they’ll tell you they are rare. We can argue about whether they’re being too optimistic.
I’m talking about people who appear to hate cops on principle. I’m talking about people who state there are no good cops, because all cops are sworn to enforce all laws, including stupid or unjust laws.
That’s the rationalization at least. To me a whole lot of it looks like the adolescent resentment of authority that I remember from my own early years, only I grew out of it.
“You’re white and you’re not poor, of course you like cops!” I hear.
I have a confession to make. I once was enamored with the romance of outlawry, and my interactions with cops were not always positive.
And long ago in one of the Eastern European countries newly liberated from communist tyranny, I was once the recipient of a beating with honest-to-God jackboots and honest-to-God rubber truncheons.
I will further confess that I have a more than passing familiarity with criminals and ex-criminals. Respectable people are sometimes astounded when I mention that I actually know murderers, more than one in fact.

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And I should mention that I’ve had extensive use-of-force training, including a fair amount of police training in the U.S. and abroad while pursuing stories.
That I think is one of the reasons these people irritate me so much. The fact that they make confident pronouncements about what cops should have done in the kind of hot situation they have zero competence dealing with themselves.
I’ve heard a professor of philosophy ask the old question, “Couldn’t they just shoot them in the leg?” (To her credit, when it was explained to her why this is uttely unrealistic she understood and changed her mind.)
I’ve heard others Monday-morning quarterback about police shootings where a cop shot someone making a sudden move who turned out not to be armed.
“Why can’t they wait until they see a gun? They’re out of control!”
I’ve heard police shootings condemned because a mentally disturbed person “only had a knife.”
(There is something called the “21 foot rule.” A lot of evidence shows knife beats gun within 21 feet. And mentally disturbed people too often have hysterical strength and sky-high pain tolerance.)
And I know of anti-cop sites which post article after article about “police brutality” with precisely one source – the accused!

“It’s people like you that justify police states!” you say.
Listen, I’ve lived in police states. And you know what – police states have lousy police. And I don’t mean brutal and repressive, I mean undertrained, incompetent and indifferent police. So-called police states are sympathetic to criminals and regard their citizens as the enemy. I have never once seen the level of courteous professionalism among cops there that I’ve seen here and in Great Britain.
Yes, sometimes you run into bad cops, sometimes you run into a cop who’s having a bad day, and sometimes you run into cops with problems they can’t leave at home.
But could it be that you’re more likely to run into a cop who deals with the scum of the earth on a regular basis and doesn’t know you from Adam? Who deals with people who’d cap your middle-class ass without a second thought because you dissed them, because you had something they wanted, or just because?

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One last question. If enough people keep harping on this “there are no good cops” things, how long will it be before a lot of cops decide there’s no point in trying to be one?
P.S. I have been trying to point out to a number of people and organizations:
1) They need to demand the same journalistic standards they’d expect if they were being covered. Sites such as CounterPunch and Cop Block often publish stories of “police brutality” with precisely ONE source – the arresttee.
2) They need to learn something about use-of-force issues before sounding off about something outside their area of expertise. Rory Miller’s “Force Decisions” is a great place to start.
3) If they wish to be effective spokespersons against police misconduct they have to do their homework and stop posting every piece of dreck that supports their prejudices.

Ashley Madison news talk. Exposing preachers, senators, mayors and more!

‎Friday, ‎September ‎04, ‎2015

E-mail: mailto://
Since it now appears that no one can or will be able to force me to change my ways, even if it harms people. Some of those people need to be taken down when they are nothing more than little satans in disguise. What am I talking about can be found at either site below. There will be sites showing preachers also deflocking vigins of their sinful ways. Pators doing younger gals than their own wifes and finally exposed. This talking site will continue for sometime since so many people seem to think by calling the F.B.I. cable company, Sheriff’s as well as police to shut the truth down. By accusing those seeking the truth as stealing credit card numbers or publishing people that are cheating on their spouse or life mates. First a lot more information would be needed to use what little information was shown as to the types of credit card. All that was exposed was the cheaters that forced some of us into searching out even more infromation as to type of work that they do.
If your an Almighty preacher of the word then should not others know that your just a teacher of that word and not really caring if abiding by the word of the Almighty.
What if your a police officer on that list, what is the reason behind that?
Maybe a senator or mayor of that little town, city. Should not the people be told what their taxes are also supporting?

May as well go full throttle ahead and let all the kittens out of that nasty shit bag! I am sure that with this last site below will calm down the I will sue you, I will see your arrested for this. I will expose all your information as well daily just to teach you a lesson.
Well, as I stated all my information exposed was done years ago starting with those wanting to force me out of where I located. I did over come, and with my Karma I decided to expose truths in the news to awaken all the sheep that still have not learned of the greatest word of mouth news machine ever invented by colleges as well as the Armed forces and allowing each and everyone of us access to speak daily instead of waiting days even weeks for mail or the news even. This is what I do and will continue to do. Join in the talk and since another subject is soon to be coming up like this. I will say just enjoy knowing how to find truth in the news and watch for the next breaking news item! For those that can access with this long access line. A shorter access line to more stories and talks about Ashley Madison.