Ashley Madison news talk. Exposing preachers, senators, mayors and more!

‎Friday, ‎September ‎04, ‎2015

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Since it now appears that no one can or will be able to force me to change my ways, even if it harms people. Some of those people need to be taken down when they are nothing more than little satans in disguise. What am I talking about can be found at either site below. There will be sites showing preachers also deflocking vigins of their sinful ways. Pators doing younger gals than their own wifes and finally exposed. This talking site will continue for sometime since so many people seem to think by calling the F.B.I. cable company, Sheriff’s as well as police to shut the truth down. By accusing those seeking the truth as stealing credit card numbers or publishing people that are cheating on their spouse or life mates. First a lot more information would be needed to use what little information was shown as to the types of credit card. All that was exposed was the cheaters that forced some of us into searching out even more infromation as to type of work that they do.
If your an Almighty preacher of the word then should not others know that your just a teacher of that word and not really caring if abiding by the word of the Almighty.
What if your a police officer on that list, what is the reason behind that?
Maybe a senator or mayor of that little town, city. Should not the people be told what their taxes are also supporting?

May as well go full throttle ahead and let all the kittens out of that nasty shit bag! I am sure that with this last site below will calm down the I will sue you, I will see your arrested for this. I will expose all your information as well daily just to teach you a lesson.
Well, as I stated all my information exposed was done years ago starting with those wanting to force me out of where I located. I did over come, and with my Karma I decided to expose truths in the news to awaken all the sheep that still have not learned of the greatest word of mouth news machine ever invented by colleges as well as the Armed forces and allowing each and everyone of us access to speak daily instead of waiting days even weeks for mail or the news even. This is what I do and will continue to do. Join in the talk and since another subject is soon to be coming up like this. I will say just enjoy knowing how to find truth in the news and watch for the next breaking news item! For those that can access with this long access line. A shorter access line to more stories and talks about Ashley Madison.

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