Grunts and groans as i say -thats it make daddy cum down that slutty throat


‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎08, ‎2015
How many will convict after reading in the news?
little slut (unknown)
look at this little slut she trys to keep it from her family
Nope I was asleep by 10
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 9:35 AMvia Google Voice
Well did you have fun on charro polis
Aug 16, 12:12 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
No I ended up taking the alley to the liquor store and coming back and blasting music and dancing
☺ was way too wasted to try to type
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:15 PMvia Google Voice
Smacks your ass and smiles and I push your head down on my cock
Aug 16, 12:17 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
I can’t talk right now I’m cleaning and trying to catch up on laundry, also I’m a good girl when I’m not drinking 😝
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:18 PMvia Google Voice
Grunts as I grab you head tighter fucking your throat and saying – so be a good girl and suck daddies cock
Aug 16, 12:19 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:22 PMvia Google Voice
grunts and groans as i say -thats it make daddy cum down that slutty throat
Aug 16, 12:22 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
*gags and wimpers as You thrust deeper making my neck bulge, seeing an outline of your cock*
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:24 PMvia Google Voice
you like that fat cock little whore you want daddy to cum don’t you
Aug 16, 12:24 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
*nodding as I gag eyes watering I look up making eye contact like a good fuckslut*
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:25 PMvia Google Voice
smiles as i hold your head still my cock twitching harder and harder as my cum fills your throat and i watch as the dog lick at your needy cunt as i start to pinch and pull your nipples as i fuck your throat
Aug 16, 12:30 PMvia Google Voice
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*I wimper and wiggle my bottom as the dog laps at my wettening breeding hole gagging but swallowing Daddy’s cum like a good bitch closing my eyes as you tug on my nips like your trying to milk me* • Aug 16, 12:34 PMvia Google Voice
smiles and i pull my cock from your mouth and says -now should daddy fucking your tight little cunt
Aug 16, 12:35 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:37 PMvia Google Voice
drags you forward and turns you as i slam my cock violently into your cunt pulling the dog to you as i push your head down on his cock watching as he fucks your throat as i pound your tight breeding hole
Aug 16, 12:39 PMvia Google Voice
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*I hag and wimper, begging you to call the dog off, but all sounds are muffled and cum put as inaudible grunts and cried as he fills my slut mouth and throat again and again*
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:40 PMvia Google Voice
grunts and groans as l record it saying -shak that ass for the camera little whore shake it on my cock and show your family what a little whore you are
Aug 16, 12:41 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
*tears of humiliation run down my cheeks even as I do what I’m told wiggling my ass like a dirty little fuck slut who does what she’s told*
(720) 585-4 • Aug 16, 12:44 PMvia Google Voice
groans loud as i slam forward driving you into the ground as the dog walks off as your face is pressed hard into the ground and i say -beg for my cum whore beg for daddy to fill you
Aug 16, 12:45 PMvia Google Voice
(720) 585-4
Please! Daddy please fill my breeding hole with your hot cum daddy…


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