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June 29, 2014 Facebook is upset again. Oh My!

‎Sunday, ‎June ‎29, ‎2014
Face book really not this social sites fault as to my being banned so much!
As many of you noticed I have been restricted, as well as kept from saying the truth as to reporting on much of the news as well as other people including my own family members. As you will see below the notes given to me and these are just from the last few days. I need to use other accounts in order to post what all other social sites have no objection to. But, facebook is like the badge wearers’ and wish to have control.
First I have badge wearers coming to the house for many different reasons and have this past month a few times now. Then I get phone calls as to why did I show criminal as well as faces on a social site. The majority of the people are going to file charges which they have for the visits of clowns or sue me till I can’t even live in the state not to mention get me banned from ever using a computer again. Wow, some of these freaks in this bible belt area are worst than the real thing, and they go to deep links to do their best to make truth into a criminal offense even.
I am also going to point out just a hand full of other sites that I publish all my rages or news on what ever interests me that day so that your able to go and read them. As face book is soon going to court over having to turn over four hundred users for all typs of so called abuses, but face book is trying to fight and object to turning these 400 plus users over to the badge wearer’s as there people that fight for the Rights of everyone. I am still as of this report not able to write or send anything on the message board or upload any photo’s. For how long is unknown at this time as been blocked for a week at one time and going on day two now for this one. Last few times were 24 and 48 hours. This time a threat no matter how many complaints they will close the account. No biggie as could care less. Why I say just look for lewis1946 as it will show up some place as have hundreds out there all over the world! But, may be closed but they will find the others soon enough as I seem to really get them excited over what I am not sure as other sites allow the stories which your able to still read by going to one of them I have listed. In fact just place in lewis1946 and June 29, 2014 and anything I have written will come up. I also use smokey jonlewis1946 johnlewis1946, and jlewis1946, and all combinations until the badge wearers wish to number us all as there wanting to do very soon. Meanwhile I will say to all those cry babies don’t like what you read from me? Then don’t look for the sites about you. As there also on the sites plus many more but these I can re-call as use them. I seem to change every few months. Enjoy! The Old Man- John Lewis Sr.

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June 29, 2014 Facebook doesn’t believe in Allowing user’s to express the TRUTH!

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  As many of you know I have been fighting with many social sites especially family members that think there able to close off anyone that has a different opinion than they do. If I disagree then not only are the badge wearer’s called but even these want to be badge wearer’s warning me with dumb messages as above and I seen them for years. Religious scum believers hate reading the truth that they have no real living whatever rock por nasty book they