Meth dealers /user’s or both here? Between Little Flock and Pea Ridge?

1                                                        THAT IS THE QUESTION

After all if that is what some low lives wish to say about people I allow to live here as  well post something as stupid above then why not round about the same bullshit. Only difference is that all my rants as there called in Craig’s list are not placed there but in the open wild wild internet for all to see.2    You see there is someone that I paid well in advance for work to be completed, but the work all of a sudden started to take longer and longer until it just stopped altogether. Because he was always under the influence of some type of drug or drugs as well as smoking weed plus drinking beer and liquor. Started out really great and didn’t mind paying him well in advance. After all I try to trust people and always have hopes this will be and honest man after all to make up for all the dishonest ones including those that I even give extra changes to and still get screwed by them like the sexual pervert Anthony Ross Gonzales. Like I stated I never post information let alone names as well as address unless there already reported as such in another news source or in court records.

3  After further investigating, I discover that this worker that goes by the name of John Smith, which is of course a false name. His real one will be exposed with much more information in time, but at this point all I want is for him as well as a few others that all of a sudden get into a verbal cat fight over sexual wants or needs likes as well as dislikes. Seems that this John with a fake names  learned of the meth connection from my house hold and they had a falling out or a limp out over something. Exactly what, I still not fully informed even at this point. In any case I was called by this fake name John Smith this morning many times after me calling and asking if and when he would complete the work. He stated that he was informed by sources like the Rogers, Bentonville police sheriff that my house is a hot spot for dealing as well as users to do what they want. Weed I was sure of as Anthony Ross Gonzales was getting others here high all the time. Drug tests of anyone as well as everyone along with PAST police records of court convictions will show this as well. I’ve asked this Anthony as well as others that shared their pipes as well as my light bulbs for their dirty filthy happen not to give James Almond Kemp any of that crap as he already has mental problems because of his brothers car wreck that killed him as well under drugs and drunk on February 4th, 2016.

But money hungry ass wipes such as Anthony will do as he pleases because he doesn’t give a shit about anyone than himself. Which your also able to read hundreds of stories over this piece of shit as he has ruined even his own family’s lives over the years, and of course keeps trying even on me when I do nothing but help then ask him to leave because his dealing was getting to be open and much more hurting people.

Story on this already published as to paying rent and having his small babies even here when told not to before even allowing him to stay here because no one else could or would put up with him. That story as well done a few days ago over deputy bentonville thug dog afraid of his own shadow or at Anthony’s old lady’s verbal dispute over if this old man had sexual times with her kids. There good to use such things on all people that want them out of their life and there even sound convincing at times. But officers of the law have no access to such past convictions as well as probation and time in jail so there always going to be upstanding to dumb ass thugs from Bentonville county jail. After all that jail is always being cleaned out with jailers of dope dealing, sexual relations with inmates or even worst.  Still a federal trial coming up on the ex sheriff paid $88,000.00 not to complete his term in the office of sheriff even. Paid for being dishonest by so called legal minds because it was a written contact. A contract the was broken to the people of this county by a corrupt sheriff. Story for that as well already written.

Read the story on my court fight with storm troopers from Bentonville County jail under Ferguson on or as soon as elected was here at my house stealing money and who knows what from my safe that could have easily opened by me. But, it was a crime scene as this piece of shit stated, plus only certain eye’s knew I had money saved to buy rentals but of course that did not happen. Threats up on threats taken daily even to move or you’ll wish you did. Still wishing to this day with threats still happening.  How many people would even believe a deputy sneaked up on this from a fake 911 call in order to kill a family dog? Or that a gun was pulled by a deputy to almost shoot someone else besides me, when they thought it was and it wasn’t. How may people would go to jail refusing to answer questions to teach me how to address a deputy sheriff as officer because he did not work as a cop like Rogers or Bentonville police officer. There called officers etc. Months to wait for a court trial when the video evidence was even disclosed to the sheriff and DA even. They had hopes to find a bad judge that is into the money and not the laws of the Constitution. An Oath that I still stand by after my service in Viet Nam era.  Majority of service men still live by that oath rendered to them back years ago.

4  As many can see (I am pissed) as only time I write to lower my heart rate as well as blood pressure for this close to 70 year old man. No, I do not use a spell checker and know I should so I am told. But, use to be stories were edited as well as corrected before published when I was working and being paid by newspapers some sixty plus years ago now. Well the house above is where Anthony as well as the rest of the drug dealing crowd are planning to move soon. In fact understand that they had some foolish drunk sign for house ware stuff to be delivered to my house so that they can move it over to their house shown above. Was told this by someone that I am to accept it and I told them they best be here as I don’t accept and never sign for anything from crooks like Castle Rental and Pawn in Pea Ridge. Neither do I sign for anyone here in this house even. What it appears to be the rentals there need things and I suspect that there living there free in exchange for the junk. As they want to leave for California in August and there going to need money.  Even heard that one of the ren6tals backed up into another rentals car and his water pump went out because of it. No damage what so ever as it was just a tap, plus no fluids coming out as I sat out there for hours watching the front of the care. Just stealing $140.00 is what I see happening. But, that is on them. I hear about everything and love to let people know I do know about the scams there pulling. They should become deputies of the Bentonville sheriff’s department here in Bentonville/Rogers Arkansas 72756. They would fix right in until they were caught and there all caught sooner or later and even sooner if I hear of the crooked thugs.

Let’s close this part of the story out as there will be more to follow as soon as I get this circulated around.
12962 Red Oak Ln, Rogers, AR 72756
1 bed 1.5 baths 800 sqft Extensive landscaping with underground sprinkler system. Newer highly efficient windows. Nice area of Rogers. Large septic system Two storage sheds. One insulated & dry walled. Would be great work shop. Potential for expansion.
Lot: 1.97 acres
Single Family
Built in 2010
All time views: 646
Cooling: Central
Heating: Other
Last sold: Nov 2012 for $41,000
$51,520 $800/mo rental

‎Thursday, ‎July ‎07, ‎2016
I have many sites shown here. Many of you will notice over the years that many sites were shut down by Sheriff ,police, above the law scum, cox, at&t, and so on. Your able to see where the sites use to be with a 404 Can’t find page. But, once there taken I just place em all back up as making a link is not hard at all. But, use many pen names all in combination of my real one. after all I never hide from these low life scum. As can see my attitude still the same from the start of fighting back in 2002.
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