Seven and a half years of negro presidency.


‎Saturday, ‎July ‎09, ‎2016
As I’m sure you’re aware, politically motivated antique farm equipment staged both a protest march AND a sniper attack, followed by a mini looting spree (we shall overcome, muhfugguh!).

This is merely the latest dividend payed by seven and a half years of negro presidency. We’ve seen domestic terror attacks by muslims treated as gun crimes with cloudy motivations, rioting blacks given “space to destroy” in the wake of legal decisions they don’t like, and white privilege said to work through the actions of people of color. Holiday Weekend body counts in major cities like Chicago are too high to even satirize. Truly, America should be proud of itself.
The critical issue I see in this week’s multitude of Black versus White violence is not so much the army of ideological shills leading the problem negroes around by the wide noses, nor is it even the revelation that the New Black Panthers have trained assassins among their members. No, I’m rather rustled that true normies, in the sense that they are casual as fuck and not ideological at all, completely lack the vocabulary to describe what has taken place or to theorize why. I read the morning after posts of the TV-controlled nobodies for whom these events have no immediate effect and I see a sub-population of our country who have had a portion of their brains just flat out erased. The cognitive ability to differentiate between types of people, actions and incentives has disappeared.

And we all know that was part of the plan. (inb4 “What’s the next step in your brilliant plan?” “Crashing the 2nd amendment WITH NO SHURVIVORSH!”)
Political Correctness is not to prevent people from being offended by speech, but rather to prevent Rightist ideas from being articulated at all. At this point, it has been successful all the way to the Center position. Normies who will probably vote Democrat, but aren’t exactly paying attention, can’t differentiate between black men with priors (some of them violent) being killed in the process of a police encounter and a violent act of war and treason against officers of the law (and the rule of law [>implying] itself).

While other authors here have referred to this as “context denial,” that terminology assumes a person can detect a context and actively deny it. That describes your standard lefty Facebook Shitposter, but what can we call it when the numbskulls do it by accident? There isn’t any real agency at play here. Something loud and bloody has interrupted their Netflix and chill sesh, and with Game of Thrones over for the year they can’t help but turn their heads and offer a few meandering blurbles of what might amount to analysis were we considering higher functioning beings. Appeals to heartbreak, dismay at the state of the world, violence begetting violence, unwillingness to “get along,” two wrongs not making a right, etc., ad nauseam. Repeat until the next Superhero movie opens and they’ll be back to not worrying about it, and patting themselves on the back for not worrying about it (they’re not governed by fear, you see! They’re governed by their DVRs).

And if that’s not bad enough, those slightly to the right of them, who actually do pay attention, are trapped within the confines of (((egalitarianism))) and can only muster weak retorts such as #BlueLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter. A few may be brave enough to concoct narrative pretzels about “thug” lives not mattering so much, but in a world in which Caitlyn Jenner is now literally Hitler, the “thug” dog-whistle isn’t going to pass unnoticed by the Stasi.

Let’s shift gears and have a look at the one place from which truth leaked this week. It’s time to agree with liberals for the wrong reasons:

“Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver were white? I don’t think it would have,” Mark Dayton, Minnesota’s Governor said in a press conference regarding Philando Castile’s death.
Why do we suppose that is? If you watch the now famous Facebook Live video of the immediate aftermath of the shooting, you will see and hear a noticeably shaken and barely in control Officer Jeronimo Yanez lamenting that he “told him not to reach for it” followed by a somewhat hysterical “Fuck!” I’m personally at a loss as to how Diamond Reynolds managed to pull out her sailfoam and start videoing the encounter without being shot herself.

If we combine the words of Governor Dayton with Yanez’s frazzled behavior and hair trigger, I think we can come to the conclusion that Law Enforcement fears the violent young negro male, and for good reason! The young American negro male is the only demographic who routinely tears down society around them in a bloodthirsty quest for respect, small amounts of money, turf, and women, only to be excused for it by the their peers, the media, liberals, and normies everywhere. “Dindu Nuffin” is not just a mean name we came up with for black people, it is a black cultural phenomenon. Sometimes, they don’t even claim the aspiring rapper “dindu nuffin!” They have been known to admit he did it but it wuddn’t no thang, so punishment isn’t necessary.

The only people who don’t let these young men off the hook for their crimes are the arresting officers, courts and thankfully, juries. That’s the “systemic racism” you’ve heard so much about. Responding to crime with due process that leads to punishment of those found guilty looks that way when you have a demographic group who for some reason can’t resist breaking things, raping, killing, and stealing stuff. We’ve seen the numbers, and Mark Twain can go suck a dick. Young black males are 6.6% of the US population, and the perpetrators of 50% of the murders committed here. That is enough to give any informed and sane person, including officers of the law, pause when one of them tells you he’s armed, as Castile did. That might even freak you out! Hell, every liberal in the country thinks that if there’s a gun in a room full of friends that a mass shooting is inevitable!

What the Governor’s words, and Yanez’s actions tell us is a hidden truth that we have to find a way to bring to light in front of everyone: American blacks ARE de facto second class citizens here, and rightfully so! Our ruling class were either grotesquely mistaken or devilishly evil in teaching the population that their status was undeserved. We’re talking about a race of people who in their homelands settle disputes with burning tires around the neck.

Let’s add to this analysis the words of our beloved Chimp in Chief:

“[Castile and Sterling’s shootings] are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year, and the resulting lack of trust that exists between law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve.”

Obongo and other liberals love that little trick of misdirection, in which you are told that the racial disparity in the system is a disparity of output rather than input. Were it an output disparity, we’d have a problem worth talking about. But don’t be fooled. The disparity is at the input. The disparity IS racial. The disparity is in future time orientation, impulse control, and attitudes toward violence. These disparities result in different standards applied to encounters with individuals based on race makeup. Three white Heroine addicts with a truck filled with firearms and tactical gear pulled over at the Holland Tunnel are apprehended without incident or injury, whilst repeatedly black motorists die because of busted taillights. Why?

I’ll let Scott Adams shed a little light on it.

“On average, Democrats [AKA: NIGGERS -SS] (that’s my team*) use guns for shooting the innocent. We call that crime. On average, Republicans use guns for sporting purposes and self-defense.”

This isn’t a constitutional crisis here, this is different groups of people with different risks and different tendencies. Yes, Adams’ opening salvo in that article is rather broad and general, but that doesn’t render it somehow untrue or useless. Blacks like to use guns for crime; whites like to have guns in case a black with a gun tries to do a crime to him. An officer of the law is well aware of this divide, and it leads to different outcomes from encounters (as well as different expectations of outcomes from said encounters). He’s just not allowed to admit that on record to the general public.

So all this culminates with probably the most horrific thing I can remember since 9/11 (for the 3rd time in the last year!). I’m glad I didn’t see it live on TV last night, as I doubt I’d be capable of sitting here typing had that been the case. Out of control black protesters teamed up with apparently well trained black militants shot eleven police officers, killing five. Then the protesters looted a 7-11, lest we forget who we’re dealing with here.

And why? To what end? The only logical demand I can imagine them making is one that is actually quite just; that we cease holding blacks to the same standards to which we hold ourselves. That we stop prosecuting them when they’ve done wrong. That we stop killing them when they point guns at us. And I agree totally! It is high time we stop pretending they can be part of our civilization. They cannot, and I’m not sure they want to be. We should empty them from our cities and have a 2016 Trail Of Tears which ends with them being settled on Reservations where they can starve to death out of our reach. Or we can send them to Africa. Wait, what’s that, normie? Africa sucks and it would be cruel to send them there? Gee, I wonder why…
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