Americans allow themselves to be lied to


‎Sunday, ‎October ‎09, ‎2016
All Armed Americans To Be Detained
While ignorant Americans allow themselves to be lied to, other nations are bracing themselves for what’s coming. It was reported today that the German government is preparing to issue a mandatory directive to all citizens of Germany to begin immediately stockpiling enough food and emergency supplies for their families to survive a catastrophic event that could be so awful that it threatens the Germany’s very existence. Further adding to concern in Germany, is that officials are contemplating the re-institution of compulsory military service in the German Army.
It’s time for the American people to WAKE UP! Obama and Hillary are both puppets of their globalist masters including the Rothschild’s and George Soros, both of whom hate Putin, and whom Putin equally despises. Our own CIA has said George Soros is the largest donor to the Hillary campaign, and Hillary’s email investigation revealed that she has close personal ties to various members of the Rothschild family as well, the same Rothschild family that happens to be the wealthiest family on the planet, and the same Rothschild family that has funded both sides of every war since before the American Revolution.

The writing is on the wall, and unlike the American people, Putin actually sees it. If Hillary Clinton gets elected President there is going to be a war, and it’s a war Putin wants no part of.
There are numerous reasons the world is on the brink right now, but regardless of which vantage point you look from, “War is coming, and unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen.” As I’ve been saying for months, the time to begin preparing for your families is NOW. As a great starting point for where to begin, I suggest: Be Ready For Any Emergency – The Crucial Guide For Any Family’s Safety. Personally, I’ve practically worn out the screen on my iPad reading it.
Russian people view the United States more negatively than they did even during the height of the Cold War, and their leading thinkers openly talk about the inevitability of a future conflict between the two superpowers. The Russians have been feverishly upgrading and modernizing their strategic nuclear forces in anticipation of that conflict, but unfortunately the U.S. military has not made similar strides under the Obama administration. As a result, the balance of power has shifted dramatically in favor of the Russians.
Russia is preparing to test-fire a nuclear weapon which is so powerful it could reportedly destroy a whole country in seconds.

The “Satan 2″ missile is rumoured to be the most powerful ever designed and is equipped with stealth technology to help it dodge enemy radar systems .
Vladimir Putin is assembling a secret fleet of super submarines which could topple NATO and plunge the world into war.
It’s time to get serious and begin taking steps to prepare your household for what is increasingly looking like the inevitability of Martial Law. Typically, the imposition of martial law accompanies CONFISCATION OF FIREARMS AND SUPPLIES, curfews, the suspension of civil law, suspension of civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial).

In the United States, for the last 137 years “pre-Obama,” Americans were protected by the the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval. Those were the old days though. Now we have Captain “Hope and Change” in the Oval Office, and the Posse Comitatus Act has been tossed aside by a treasonous thug determined to rule over his subjects by executive fiat or by using his “phone and a pen.”
Many of us warned of Obama’s heavily influenced Communist upbringing (which he has confirmed) since before he took office in 2008, but at the time we were regarded as “fear mongers” or “racists.” Now, while Obama allows George Soros funded far-left radical hate groups like “Democracy Spring” and “Black Lives Matter” to openly make threats to bring this country to it’s knees with the largest civil uprising in our nation’s history, people are finally beginning to see Obama for who he’s always been, and they realize there is an increasing likelihood that President Barack Obama may have to suspend the 2016 Presidential Elections…

Do NOT tell anyone anything that could get you in trouble. Assume anything can get you in trouble, because it probably will. Especially with any government official, but anyone looking to gaining a favor with the state can and will snitch on you. The rat who would sell you out for his thirty pieces could be:

1. A small businessman looking for a in with the state so he can make money a little easier;

2. A former friend who’s looking to get some revenge; OR

3. Someone desperate for even some food. Times are tough and will keep getting tougher. Again, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

They, unlike you, have decided that there’s nothing to lose and therefore deserve anyone’s help who’s willing to risk their lives. Do you think MARTIAL LAW is going away on it’s own? Those bastards in black will have a sudden change of heart and do something worthwhile for a change and not oppress you? At The VERY LEAST: have extra food, water for resistance fighters, basic medical supplies, ammo caches (hint, these should be concealed).

THIS IS A GROUP OF PEOPLE WITH SKILLS, and/or resources who can help each other in areas they would be lacking on their own. It could be anything from extra food, medicine, and repair parts, fuel, transportation-whatever. In any given neighborhood you can have machinists (weapon makers), medical personnel, drivers (good knowledge of local roads), gardeners (agriculture knowledge base).

Know who patrols where, and what routine they follow to avoid contact. Know your snitches and always feed them but, if you cannot, then, avoid them. Find ways around checkpoints. Side streets, forest paths, neighbor’s yard, railroad tracks, tunnels; whatever necessary to getting from point A to point B without a pack of government troops searching you, checking your ID. I cannot and will not go into detail; how you find your way will be up to you.

It could be from a disaster, an attack, or even because they’ve decided to end the pretense and show you what they really think of you and your “rights”. You’ll just wind up in a detention camp where your freedom of movement and resources will be strictly controlled. That means having a place to go away from your area, a means to get there, and supplies. Very difficult to do in a martial law situation, with shortages and rationing at gunpoint.

Probably not with guns or bombs, but there’s plenty of ways you can monkey wrench the basic functioning of the state during martial law. If you work for the state, you have plenty of opportunities to mess things up. However, the government subcontracts even private firms. You know who is just earning a paycheck, who is backing this war against the people, and who is getting off on “just following orders.”
Once Martial Law Is Known/Declared, You need to gather whoever loves Freedom around you at that time, and work to stop your local police from getting into, and gathering at their police department. If not, stop them in their homes or in Route, but stop them BEFORE they can gather into one powerful police gang; who will be using their weapons AGAINST YOU TO FORCE CONTROL OVER YOU. By stopping even one of them before they gather into their criminal gang, your community will get stronger and they will be weaker. If you stop 2 cops from making it to their gang, they get even weaker. For each police officer you stop from making it to their gang means they get weaker; until they have no more personnel to surpress its community. Then your Community regains power back to the people.
Here is my reply to someone who said that the Army will only be coming in, so this won’t work.

Great Question but No! Answer me this – how can the Army be everywhere at once?

In the real reality, the Army will be fully busy by protecting their bases, planes, vehicles, refueling stations, nukes, weapon storage facilities, ships, food, water tanks, etc; basically anything that they require to stay in control of the little areas they have and needed for resupplies.

And don’t forget, they will also be sent to protect Government Officials, Buildings, Banks, Pentagon, WH, DC, communications, etc; THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY! So little town USA of yours is not a strategic interest to go after. Like they really are going to go in and “Contain” a city of 5,000+ over the weapons and supplies they need, or the President…

This is nothing but a Government planted BRAINWASHING job you all need to get over! See how your government trained your brain into think Unrealistically, and not in reality? (You can thank Ferguson, MO for planting this military force viewing lie into your heads because people think this will happen everywhere; at the exact same time!) Now you see how the Media Brainwashing News works?)

But THINK guys! How can the Army realistically come into every city and back up the local police? Impossible so they brainwashed you into “Thinking” they are going be there. If you forget, they are at their lowest personnel #s since before WW2, so how are say 150,000 troops going to contain 300+ million people; and still fully contain all their most valuable assets (weapons, bases, planes, vehicles, Gov officials, etc.)?

So think about this and you will see, this is the citizens “Golden Key” to regain our nation back to the people. This WILL WORK so break your mind free from the Brainwashing inplanted!

Thanks for the question and hope that explained why this is not possible.

But what a awesome brainwashing false imprint to make people “Think” what they want you to think Right. But it is nothing but a LIE I AM EXPOSING TO YOU ALL! Also, why would anyone just roll over and die without a fight? Any man will fight for their family, and if you don’t, your life would be meaningless. Just think if all us good citizens would take one bad guy with us when we leave this world. Very fast would we have a country with no government criminals so our children can have a slightly better life with Freedom. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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