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Grief…Over what? Fuck it!



Thursday, ‎May ‎18, ‎2017
This Old Man just had to open up once again!

Message well received, after all been that way myself for sometime. Grieving the loss of someone alive, that just refuses to stay friends. Suppose if can’t accept the one then also the friendship must as well be grieved. If you’re not familiar with this form of grief, you may be unsure how this is possible or what often triggers this form of grief in people. Often, this form of grief is caused by a loved one becoming someone that you no longer know or recognize. On your part I would say this is the case. Then, it is understandable why I have fewer friends as I age. I no longer wish to make friends, after all at that age that I prefer to say hi and bye and not lead them on as I seem to do with so many still wanting to be there. Your correct, in your thinking and as you run across certain things then you prefer to say them aloud as here on a social form. Not many forms such as mine allowed on Facebook. But, I am in process of deleting that as well when get my own set up at Then will no longer make contact with all here or else where. Appears I seem to do more harm then good anyways when I do say or write something. Oh I will still be contacted by e-mail of course at but as for skype and other phone sources I also will close those down. Only reason on Facebook as long as I have been is because to report news as I like to other sites they also want you to have a facebook account. As I said many reporters have left Facebook because of their wanting to control everyone as well as what is said. Once they see this and that I have decided to do away with Facebook even then of course they may also close the account with some stupid remark of no posting for three days and next time banned. Never in my life have I seen such a controlled site. But, when paid by the government as Mark is then he will do the bidding for any price. So, Pat hope your doctor gave you a good call, as all I ever want from my doctor as well. But, after sending so many calls to skype as well as home then said enough of this and that is how it enough have a great day. I am going to take a trip away to clear this head for now. As youngest kid drives me bananas with his stupid white crap and thinks it is all that powerful and especially hates the idea his dad accepted gayness as well. No wonder there called a hate group. lol But, like any coward that needs weapons to sort out a battle from fear then so be it is all I have to say. Could care less and why in open form especially Facebook. Like to keep the crooks that wear badges informed as to what this old guy does and will till the day I die. Too bad so many of the younger ones are such cowards and afraid of words that can harm them. Probably why they shoot as that is a sign of being afraid. Yes, I love it when there afraid of me even at my age, I probably still able to beat there punk ass’s…
Don’t look at these causes and think that they mean that you love this person any less though. This form of grief, just like grieving someone who is deceased, does not change the level of attachment to the person. Simply, this person is no longer acting how they were before and have had a dramatic shift in personality. If your brother is suffering from a drug addiction, his behavior may become erratic and he might start stealing from yourself or other family members. Some will grieve the life that he is not living as he focuses living for his addiction. If someone is dealing with a mental illness, they may now be dealing with depression so badly that they are unable to go on living their life or they may be experiencing delusions or hallucinations. A person will experience many emotions while grieving someone alive. These emotions may be more powerful and more confusing than the grieving process for someone who has recently passed. Anger is a prominent emotion that shows up. The grieving individual could feel anger towards their loved one for the issues they are dealing with and have a hard time understanding that they may not be able to change, such as in the case of mental illness. While experiencing anger, you may feel guilty as well that you are experiencing anger or guilty that you cannot control or change the situation.
There is no such thing as closure. There is no timeline for grieving. You can’t rush it. You will grieve, in some form, forever. Anger is normal part of grief. You lose yourself, your identity, meaning, purpose, values, your trust. Holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays will be hard forever. People will tell you what you should and shouldn’t feel and how you should and shouldn’t grieve. Ignore them.
“The grief process is about not only mourning the loss, but getting to know yourself as a different person”.
There is no normal when it comes to grieving. People love to judge how you are doing. Watch out for those people. Just because you feel pretty good one day it doesn’t mean you are cured of your grief. There are many days when you will feel totally and completely alone, whether you are or not.
Grief can make you do stupid, crazy things. They may be what you need at the time time, but you may regret them later. Cut yourself some slack. Time does NOT heal all wounds, as been dealing with this now over fifty years. Why, I speak out just accept it, or say nothing and stay away. With luck, you’ll meet someone else much better before the end! So I say and seek and could care less as always. You don’t get over it, you just get used to it. You will never go back to being your “old self”. Grief changes you and you are never the same.
Yes, I seen as well read all the words and never commented because there was no reason to do so. Your mind is set in a direction that mine just doesn’t wish to go. Yes, you’re correct I could make it down there if I really wanted to. But, I have nothing there worth taking me back to that area. Majority of those alive now, are those that I never seen except when newborns or out of prison or jail because their too damn lazy to earn a living.The great times as younger is long gone and just a memory as all things aged are just memories. Wanting them to go back, no way! A loner, yes I am even if the family has dinner or a family get together, I will not join in and never have for years. I live in a room just as I did at my own house a room. If I want out I go out. I may ask for a driver now and then to take me to my doctor, but normally I will do it myself.
Many things I do will always be frowned upon, but that is how I am, and I do for who if I want and can afford to. Afford to? Yea, right, have to beg for money for tires, spafford is never a problem as lucky to make it month to month as it is. Hell, 2013 car, not even paid for as well as air conditioning doesn’t even work, so it is late nights and early mornings to run around. Then it is normally bad badge wearer’s wanting to know why I am sitting in my car at 3 04am or 11 at night. Say, none of their business and may be a war of words or they learn to avoid me as many have by knowing what I drive. I dislike, no I really dislike crooks with badges and if they have not a good reason to come to my window because I am sitting some place then they always dream one up as I do.
Sorry, as I said my life is no longer an open book and I am in no mood to discuss anything any longer no matter how much power they may think that they have. Hopefully this message is read as placed and not just for a true friend of which is last real friend I have besides some that I never contacted as feel they should do the contacting, so you have what is left of a seventy year old that could care less how many kids he has disowned as well as grand kids and waiting to see if it even goes into great grand kids. Of course it will from the kids I have disowned me or I them. Ha ha


Remember when you greet a group of people. It is good morning Everyone. No longer men and women.

Here are some non PC words you had better avoid as the truth often upsets!

Please use the PC alternative….

Alive Temporarily metabolically abled.
Bald Follicularly challenged
Body Odour Non discretionary fragrance
Broken Home Dysfunctional family
Caretaker Site Engineer
Clumsy Uniquely coordinated
Criminal Behaviourally challenged
Dead Living impaired
Dishonest Ethically disoriented
Drunk Chemically inconvenienced
Dustman Sanitation Engineer
Fail Achieve a deficiency
Fairy Petite airborne humanoid with mystical powers
Fat Horizontally challenged
Foreign Food Ethnic cuisine
Ghetto Economically disadvantaged area
Girlfriend Unpaid sex worker
Gossip Speedy transmission of near-factual information
Housewife Domestic Engineer
Ignorant Knowledge-based non-possessor
Illegal Aliens Undocumented Immigrants
Jailer Custodial Artist
Jungle Rain Forest
Late Rescheduled arrival time
Lazy Motivationally deficient
Lumberjack Tree Murderer
Natural Disaster Global Warming occurrence
Prostitute Sex worker
Sex change Gender reassignment
Short Vertically challenged
Shy Conversationally selective
Spendthrift Negative saver
Talkative Abundantly verbal
Tall Vertically enhanced
Trailer Park Mobile Home community
Tramp Homeless person
Ugly Cosmetically different
Unemployed Involuntarily leisured
Vagrant Nonspecifically destinationed individual
White Trash White Trash
Worst Least best
Wrong Differently logical

Conclusion: Political correctness changes our language to reflect left wing ideas.

Get the idea? Don’t tell the truth!!