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‎Tuesday, ‎March ‎6, ‎2018

Freedoms? Don’t you just love all these freedoms of expression, freedom of speech? America nothing but freedoms. Well, when I decided to open Facebook again as many times I do daily throughout the years. I am hit with this bullshit again. Never a month goes by. But, this same thing is posted on many other sites in this wonderful free country. But, all those other so-called standings well above Facebook freaks whoever dislikes postings as well as all those meme’s I love to post with comments. Now, of course, the social joiners are able to send anything they view or dislike as a spam hit you. Making it even quicker to be sent off to Facebook jail or government control speech and thinking.
Well, I am still a free person and free to say and do what I wish anytime that I wish. I don’t need anyone’s permission to speak what I feel is true or even listen to anyone that feels their above me and can control what I say as well as do. Oh, this is posted on other Facebook sites, after all as I stated I go to Facebook jails so much that I have to have other Facebook social sites in which to prove I can say and do what I like. Enjoy, and this is happening not with Facebook, but also Youtube as well as Google and so many others. Don’t you love the control of the UN United Nations wanting to control all Americans to do as they say?
What will I do for this? Oh, the many things I have done before, after all, I have my way of fighting against these so-called powers to be and I use them daily and always have and always will fight for the freedoms of others that are scared or afraid to fight back. Meanwhile here is Facebooks bullshit this morning.


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