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‎Tuesday, ‎March ‎6, ‎2018

Freedoms? Don’t you just love all these freedoms of expression, freedom of speech? America nothing but freedoms. Well, when I decided to open Facebook again as many times I do daily throughout the years. I am hit with this bullshit again. Never a month goes by. But, this same thing is posted on many other sites in this wonderful free country. But, all those other so-called standings well above Facebook freaks whoever dislikes postings as well as all those meme’s I love to post with comments. Now, of course, the social joiners are able to send anything they view or dislike as a spam hit you. Making it even quicker to be sent off to Facebook jail or government control speech and thinking.
Well, I am still a free person and free to say and do what I wish anytime that I wish. I don’t need anyone’s permission to speak what I feel is true or even listen to anyone that feels their above me and can control what I say as well as do. Oh, this is posted on other Facebook sites, after all as I stated I go to Facebook jails so much that I have to have other Facebook social sites in which to prove I can say and do what I like. Enjoy, and this is happening not with Facebook, but also Youtube as well as Google and so many others. Don’t you love the control of the UN United Nations wanting to control all Americans to do as they say?
What will I do for this? Oh, the many things I have done before, after all, I have my way of fighting against these so-called powers to be and I use them daily and always have and always will fight for the freedoms of others that are scared or afraid to fight back. Meanwhile here is Facebooks bullshit this morning.


1065 Police shootings daily in America My social area, replacing FaceFuck.
The daily news on all murders the persons with badges wear while killing citizens across all fifty states. Listed daily as they happen.
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Over Twenty Trillion and climbing daily!

‎Monday, ‎27 ‎November, ‎2017

What happens next? D you know? I feel sick for my grand kids…

The national debt hits $20 trillion. It has increased by $15 trillion in the last 17 years.

Future generations will have the weight of this burden on their backs for years to come.

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Regarding Old Man’s feedback


Thursday, ‎November ‎9, ‎2017
Regarding Old Man’s feedback
Please just because I have decided to leave names off, those people know of who I speak. There the one’s that asked for a reply, as if to set me up or try to in many ways even if it’s just to get me into facebook jail for a period of time. Yes, I reply to everyone that I can and if there of interest to ME! Do I have feelings? Maybe then when your as oldas Iam your ot attached to much any longer in life of family or friends or even animals that you know are man’s best friends.
For example I hardly ever go out as I can see all I wish from my bedroom as well as always listening to news around the world. After all how wold so many of you be informd if you were not reading my stuff. A lot more is happening daily besides a church shooting tht remains on local/cable news for week at a time. I am in every state seeking out news of interest. I love to tell all on myself especially. After all when there is only two people in a house and at times the working one is back after a few weeks being on the road, has time to say hello to his better half. Sometimes even able to get a few words to me if door is open. Normally always locked as the third person is a how did this happen, Did you fall or something. I am told this and taht. Even when not in the mood to hear the B.S. Istill think about it. These are little meaning nothing things but big to this this person after all it’s his things outside my room.
For example, I intended to get up, but he knocked on my door at 9AM, By then I have taken fourteen plus pills and already in a far out space of some sort. Able to hear but not see or dare even move fro a chair or bed even. Hey are you ok, old man. Yea, sorry not feeling well this morning and back to whatever I am doing. Phone call later, hey want any breakfast as me and Ahaving breakfast. Not unless it is a lunch, not knowing time as never look at a clock until in front of me. Don’t think there serving lunch, I say no, had breakfast and thanks anyways. Besides he left a McRib from Mcdonalds the night he arrived home anyways. Which I knew was not mine and placed n another sction from my personal stuff thinking that the person made a mistake. Told I bought it for you, oh thanks, now that I know it is mine then thanks and nice of you to do that. Then hey did you fall in the laundry room, since I have not been in that area for a week or more nine days, I knew I had nothing in there to do, nope I said. Oh strange a dent in the dryer top. Nope, I normally fall on floor not into things. Ok, just wondering. Two us only ones here. Could have always been there as never noticed until I went to look for it myself. Nope, not my dent I say to myself. Looked as if someone may have sat on there or something heavy fell there. Who cares and back to my same old crap of doing nothing but tsking calls from others with childish complaints to reply to.
A call from a friend of mine, did I tell John that he was in a motel, John who I ask. After all I know many John’s and finally came the reply, No NY John. Oh that John, yes I did. Why? Why did you say that. I said people want answers so I give them the last one I know from whoever told me for whatever reason. Then conversation goes on I wish you would not do that. Do what? Tell people where and my other half are. Hell, I say I have no idea where your at. Then telling me where he is as if I am taking it all in and all I know is that it is now Rogers and not Bentonville.After explaining wow, what difference does it make and why call on this when I had no idea even. People are strange. Then another call, had some funny money I got for my grand kids to play with as if looking like the real thing, but has right on it, not real cashable bills. Some chinese saying fake and fun to for some etc. Told secret service was told and your name came up as where I got it. I said ok, no biggie, even thug badge wearers need a lot of training now days. Do you have more. Sure just check out the car when I am over there as grand kids I am sure left some underseat of some place. As seen one myself and left in shoping cart at walmart to give a happy face to next person that gets that cart. Go to find I forgot this is Arkansas and they think it’s real. Oh well, on I go to other things as that was a nice story as well. When am I coming out to visit, as soon as my things arrive from VA there. Hate to drive any more than I have too. Then of course I get those insurance calls that I can pay less with them than I pay now etc.
So, if this 71 year old can have a day full of events, I can image how it is with those younger thanme. No wonder everyone is a nut case. I take pills for mine, so I am a happy nut case as they say.

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